Monday, September 12, 2022

2022 Go-to-Market Program - Improved Curriculum and New Low Price

The Go to Market (GTM) Program by Rocket Builders helps companies achieve high revenue growth by developing winning sales and marketing plans. 

The Go-to-Market Program is a comprehensive five-month program for technology companies who need to refine their marketing strategy and then execute revenue generation activities to win customers and dominate their target market. 

Established over 15 years ago with 180 successful graduating companies, the Go-to-Market Program blends mentorship with applied learning to provide innovative technology companies with an outcome-based process to capitalize on market opportunity.

Companies that complete the program will have a detailed marketing plan that includes execution steps and metrics.

Program Structure

The Go to Market Program includes the following components.

·         Preparation - companies need an up to date Business Model Canvas

·         Ten Interactive Webinars 2 hours long (includes webinar recordings, planning templates and other supplemental resources)

·         Coaching Sessions between each webinar to provide one-on-one support

·         Specialty Mentors who interact with companies to provide more customized feedback

·         Three Jury Presentations – Companies present their Go-to-Market plans to an expert panel


Program Dates:      Early October to Early February

Who Should attend?

·         Technology companies seeking to expand the distribution of products or enter new markets are ideally suited for this program.

·         This program is designed to involve the entire management team of a technology company - all executives who are responsible for revenue growth (CEO, Product Manager, VP Sales, VP Marketing, VP Business Development).

·         Companies selected to participate must have a product that is ready for the market and has some initial customer acceptance.

·         Past participants have had revenue of between $500K and $5M

·         Companies looking to raise ‘Seed’ or ‘Series A’ rounds will develop a comprehensive marketing plan to present to potential investors.

·         Time commitments for the program are a couple hours per week of preparation and up to 10 hours per month spent on seminars and workshops. 

Program Details


Phase 1 - GTM Strategy Plan

          Market Research


          Whole Product


          Customer Validation

          Channel Validation

          Competitive Strategy

          Market Targeting

          Revenue Planning


Phase 2 – GTM Marketing Plan

          Marketing and Communications

          Buyer Profiling

          Social Media and Content Marketing

          Lead Generation

          Marketing Support

          Integrated Campaigns

          Marketing Calendars

 Phase 3 – GTM Sales Plan

          Sales Process

          Customer Success

          Account Management

          Channel Development

          Strategic Partnerships

          Revenue Forecasting


$ 500 for companies that currently work with NRC/IRAP (program sponsor)

($2000 for non-sponsored companies)


To reserve a spot, you must apply using this form: