Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Seminar - Top 10 Ideas for Maximizing Revenue Growth

Rocket Builders is pleased to announce a free seminar focussed on tips for high revenue growth based on modern approaches to sales and marketing.

A free "light lunch" is combined with an entertaining talk on best practices for Revenue Growth.  Best practices are outlined in a Top 10 list, and will feature examples of improving strategy, tactics and operations to greatly improve sales and marketing results.

Rocket Builders is starting another Fall/Winter session for its Go-to-Market program and is currently recruiting companies to participate in this unique applied learning program. This seminar will provide tips on the top ways to maximize revenue growth along with a brief infomercial on the program.

Rocket Builders has been assisting high growth technology companies for over 10 years, and,  based on 10 years of selecting Ready to Rocket companies, has a proven track record of identifying the qualities needed to be a revenue growth leader. The Go-to-Market program has 55 companies as graduates in BC and Alberta.