Programs Overview

Rocket Academy offers 4 categories of educational offerings:
  • Programs - Programs run for a period of months and are designed for preparing companies for sales and marketing by combining applied learning, peer discussion/review, access to experts, and mentorship by seasoned professionals. The most popular of these are the Go-to-Market Program, the Content Marketing Program, and the Digital Sales Program.
  • Workshops - Intensive 1-day workshops on various strategic sales or marketing topics. Typically, these combine seminars, discussions and some applied work.  In past, these have been on "Strategic Partnering", "Product Launch" and "Lead Generation".
  • Executive Briefings - In-person seminars focussed on specialized topics in key skills areas and focusing on best practices. 
  • Webinars - Highly focused presentations on key topics of interest. For example, our webinar on Social Media for B2B Sales and Marketing is very popular.
Companies interested in any of these areas can participate by:
  • Attending any of the many public speaking engagements that feature speakers from our organization
  • Registering for one of our scheduled seminars or programs
  • Hiring our team to create customized learning programs that we can bring into your company