Go-to-Market Program

The Go-to-Market Program helps technology companies ahieve high revenue growth by developing winning sales and marketing plans.

The program is designed for technology executives (CEO, VP Sales, VP Business Development, COO, and CFO) who are responsible for revenue growth.

The 10 core webinar sessions engage the companies in an interactive journey that helps them gain knowledge and develop skills they need to accelerate their revenue growth.

The program uniquely combines a comprehensive go-to-market curriculum, applied learning, access to experts, and one-on-one mentoring. At the end of this program, a participating company will have completed a comprehensive Go-to-Market Plan for the upcoming year, including:
  • a Comprehensive Strategy, featuring value proposition, positioning and pricing
  • a Marketing Plan, featuring buyer-centric messaging, integrated marketing campaigns and lead generation programs
  • a Sales Plan, featuring sales process, sales qualification, buyer engagement and converting leads to revenue.
The Go-to-Market Program is offered to groups of companies concurrently to maximize the potential of peer discussions and peer review. One-on-one engagement is accomplished through coaching and mentoring.

If you wish to reserve a spot in the upcoming program for your company, please fill in the form found here.

Here is the 2022 program brochure:

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