Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Seminar - Next Generation Marketing Tools

Next Generation Marketing Tools
Learn About Trends in Using Digital Content to Enhance Awareness and Demand

With today’s buyers more likely to find you through a search engine than through advertising or other forms of direct marketing, it is increasingly important to share information through digital content such as white papers, presentations, articles, infographics, ebooks, video, and podcasts. This trend is called Content Marketing, and research shows it as the fastest growing marketing method for B2B marketers. Content Marketing will co-exist with other modern marketing methods such as Search, Social Media and Marketing Automation.

Rocket Builders, through its Rocket Academy initiative,  is offering a free seminar to marketers looking at what the recent trends are in the use of digital content and other modern marketing methods, and revealing some examples of best practices and demonstrating the kind of results B2B marketing teams are achieving.

This seminar is occurring on March 12th in Vancouver, just contact a Rocket Builders representative for more information.

Attendees to the seminar will also get a preview of the new Content Marketing Program that Rocket Academy will be offering in the Spring as an interactive executive learning program.