Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Seminar - Next Generation Sales Tools

Next Generation Sales Tools 
Learn About Trends in Using Digital Sales Tools for Revenue Gain

The digital revolution is changing how people communicate and share information, so it is understandable that how we acquire customers will be changed by these new technologies and methods. 

"Sixty-eight percent of sales professionals say they believed that the selling process is changing faster than their own organizations are adapting to it." Research by OgilvyOne
Selling best practices in 2012 include the use of new technology and tools that leverage digital trends to enhance reach, effectiveness and efficiency of sales teams. 

Social Media, when used properly, is effective at enhancing awareness and relationships relevant to revenue generation. Customers are demanding higher quality content to fuel their information needs, and expect sales people to engage them in interactive conversations through webinars, infographics and live product demonstrations.

Rocket Builders, through its Rocket Academy initiative,  is offering a free seminar to sales people looking at what the recent trends are in the use of these tools, and revealing some examples of best practices and demonstrating the kind of results B2B sales teams are achieving.

This seminar is occurring on March 9th in Vancouver, just contact a Rocket Builders representative for more information.

Attendees to the seminar will also get a preview of the new Digital Sales Tools Program that Rocket Academy will be offering in the Spring as an interactive executive learning program.